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Who writes your manuals?

"How does this thing work?" When your customer has this question, they reach for your instruction manual first. Will they get answers or will they get confused?

Companies invest in developing, packaging, marketing, and advertising their product. Their instruction manuals shouldn't be the weakest link in the chain. In fact, a professionally developed manual can be a powerful sales tool.

ALT-TechServe is committed to providing your company with the highest quality documentation. Our process is simple:

We start by listening to make sure we understand and appreciate your needs and concerns. We keep you in the loop during the development process by providing you access to our project management tool or follow your agile scrum system.

We show you interim drafts so that you can monitor our progress and provide feedback.

We finish the project on time and with excellence.

What's more, we can incorporate multimedia to enhance your technical writing projects.

We can create fully illustrated documentation using screenshots, photographs, videos, charts, tables, and graphs.

Upon request, we can also resize, edit, crop, and integrate any photographs, video, and graphics that you provide.


Over the years we have developed documentation for most business needs. This includes technical manuals, work instructions and/or SOP (Standard Operating Procedures), CBT (Computer-Based Training) for the hardware, software, and manufacturing sector.

Here are few of the industries we specialize in:


  • Hospitality
    Formulation of standard operating procedure for front desk employees.

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  • Manufacturing
    Creation of detailed work instruction and computer-based training implementation.

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  • Food Business 
    Established detailed instruction for all standard and non-standard repetitive kitchen tasks.

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  • Employee Testing 
    Creation of computer-based testing modules to aid in determining suitability or desirability of a job applicant. 

Also used for the following purposes:

    • Performance Assessment tests
    • Personality tests
    • Job-knowledge tests
    • Cognitive Ability tests
    • and more...

No technical writing project is too complex or too simple for ALT-TechServe to handle. Click the chat icon to speak with a live agent now! Or click here to contact us with questions for your next technical writing project today!